Keeping the Ecological Structure ( BALANCE ) of the Nature

We contribute to keep the ecological structure of the nature with creating afforestation projects. In this context ; we carry on planting trees routinely every year since we have started our plant in 2009. 

Our plant has established by under the control of experts as part of  Enviromental Impact Assessment ( EIA )  . 

Our team who are environmentally conscious continue their working with keeping the ecological structure of the nature. 

Keeping the Water Structure 

Our plant takes the certian amount of water (never the whole amount)  from the river bed and drop the water within at a distance with its transfer flux.  The water delivers back to the river bed without losing anything after the water turns up the trubines. There is not a matter of discussion of loss or fouling. 
 In this sense, our plant is equipped with latest technology. The water gets out of our plant which has not changed on its structure, can be use for the same purpose like its before.